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Vote 100 Exhibition officially launched

Midlothian View - 6 hours 35 min ago

P7 pupils from Kings Park (Green) and Woodburn (Red) Primary Schools with Councillor Russell.

Art work by Midlothian school children to commemorate one hundred years of women getting the vote is part of an exhibition launched at Dalkeith Library this week.

The exhibition titled ‘Vote 100’ was commissioned by Councillor Margot Russell to involve young people in the 100 year celebration of women over 30 getting the vote. She approached pupils from King’s Park and Woodburn Primary Schools to paint some scenes related to the Dalkeith area where the suffragettes had meetings.

St Mary’s Church was of particular interest as it was nearly bombed by the suffragettes because the church belonged to the Duke of Buccleuch who opposed women getting the vote.

Over 40 works were submitted for the exhibition and the best work from each school was selected for a prize.

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The winners were primary 7 pupils Murdo Jack from King’s Park Primary School and Amy Robb from Woodburn Primary. They both won a pass for a family of 4 to the Fort Douglas Adventure Play Park in Dalkeith Country Park. These were donated by the Estate Manager at the Restoration Yard in the Park. All the other pupils who took part received chocolate selection boxes from the Depute Provost.

Depute Provost Cllr Margot Russell said:

“I’m very impressed with the enthusiastic way in which the primary 7 pupils approached this art project. It is important to get young people involved in projects of this kind. They were very interested in the history of the suffragettes and their actions in Dalkeith. I would like to thank Dalkeith History Museum for donating Midlothian Advertiser press cuttings from the time for this exhibition.”

The Exhibition will run until Friday 11 January 2019.

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Local children's suffragette exhibition on display

Midlothian Council - 6 hours 59 min ago
Art work by Midlothian school children to commemorate one hundred years of women getting the vote is part of an exhibition launched at Dalkeith Library this week.

Bonnyrigg: Scotmid challenges school takeaway ban

Midlothian Advertiser - 8 hours 2 min ago
A ban on new takeaways opening within 400 metres of a primary school is being challenged by Scotmid.

Entries open for the Mid & East Lothian Food & Drink Awards 2019

Midlothian Council - 12 hours 34 min ago
The Mid & East Lothian Food & Drink Awards 2019 are now open for nominations.

Midlothian and East Lothian food and drink awards merge for the inaugural joint celebration

Midlothian Advertiser - 12 hours 41 min ago
Previously held as two separate events, the all new Midlothian & East Lothian Food and Drink Awards 2019 is now open for nominations.

Collect your Argos orders while getting your groceries

Midlothian Advertiser - 12 hours 42 min ago
Sainsbury’s is pleased to announce that an Argos store opened in its Straiton supermarket last week.

New book takes us down Newtongrange’s memory lanes

Midlothian Advertiser - 16 hours 28 min ago
Picnics in the Glen, swimming in Stickie Woods and sweeties from Charlie Pole’s are just some of the memories of local residents captured in a new book, Newtongrange Village Voices.

Free food waste caddy liners may stop

Midlothian View - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 18:45

At the council meeting next week councillors will decide whether to stop providing free food waste caddy liners.

It is a statutory requirement for Midlothian Council to offer kerbside collection of food waste to all areas classified as urban.

In January 2013 the Council agreed to the introduction of a food waste collection service from December 2015, coinciding with the completion of the Edinburgh/Midlothian food waste treatment plant at Millerhill.

Residents were provided with an internal caddy, an external caddy and a 12-month supply of caddy liners. Since that time residents have been able to make unlimited requests for additional caddy liners. These are provided free-of-charge and are delivered by food waste collection crews.

As a condition of receiving funding to introduce kerbside collections of food waste, Midlothian Council committed to the Scottish Government to supply householders with replacement liners for a period of three years.

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Additional caddy liners are therefore not required to be funded by the Council beyond December 2018. It is proposed that from this date, they are no longer provided to residents. Ceasing the provision of food waste caddy liners will save the Council approximately £16,000 per year (based on a potential 10% diversion of food waste into the residual waste stream).

Caddy liners are widely available from a range of local shops as well as via online retailers.

It is not necessary for residents to purchase caddy liners to secure their food waste. It is acceptable to use any type of plastic bag to secure food waste or to present it wrapped in paper.

Full details of the meeting next week can be found HERE.

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School takeaway ban challenged

Midlothian View - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 17:31

Written by Local Democracy Reporter, Marie Sharp

A ban on new takeaways opening within 400 metres of a primary school is being challenged by Scotmid.

Midlothian Council introduced its new guidance for planning officers last month which set out how close new hot food vendors would be allowed to its schools.

However the decision to include primary schools in the ban has been challenged by the supermarket giants who say most youngsters would not be allowed out during the day.

Scotmid have appealed a decision by the local authority to ban them from turning a shop they own into a takeaway because it is too close to Lasswade Primary School, in Bonnyrigg.

The shop, which was formerly Sprott’s News, on Lothian Street, is said to be 235 metres from the school boundary ‘as the crow flies’ although Scotmid point out that by road it is 380 metres away.

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Appealing against the refusal to the Scottish Government, on Scotmid’s behalf their agent said they were of the view that the restrictions “should not be applied to primary schools”.

They said: “Pupils in the latter, with perhaps some limited exceptions, are retained within the school grounds for their entire duration of the school day and as such will not be exposed to the food served in takeaway facilities.”

Referring to the distance between the proposed takeaway and the schools they added “In the circumstances described it is, on our opinion, quite inconceivable to consider that the physical relationship of the application site to the nearest primary school would pose a risk to the health and wellbeing of any pupils attending it.”

The retail shop closed at the end of September due to what was described as poor trading conditions.

Scotmid were hoping to turn it into a hot food takeaway however the new supplementary guidance approved by Midlothian Council led to it being refusing planning permission.

The guidance said: “It is reasonable and appropriate for the council to prevent provision of new premises and the change of use of premises to hot food takeaways on account of the adverse impact that they have on the diets of young people and the health of communities.

“Hot food takeaways will not be permitted where they fall within 400 metres of the curtilage of a primary or secondary school.”

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Committee for asset transfers

Midlothian View - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 17:26

Written by Local Democracy Reporter, Marie Sharp

A new committee established to oversee requests for council assets to be transferred to the community is holding its first meeting.

Midlothian Council has established a Community Asset Transfer Committee to decide future asset requests.

The move comes after the Scottish Government introduced the Community Empowerment Act which gives community groups the right to request any land or buildings from public bodies.

It will meet this week to discuss a request from Loanhead After School Club (LASC) to lease a community garden for 12 years.

The club, which is based on George Avenue, already uses the garden, which is owned by the council and lies adjacent to the Link building.

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A report to the committee says the club has no formal agreement to use the land and has asked for a 12-year lease to tie in with the tenure it has of the building.

The strip of land lies on Mayburn Walk at the front of the club building and runs up to the boundary of a new council play park.

The committee is recommended to approve the lease under the condition the garden remained open to the public during the working hours of the building adjoining it and is used for community benefit.

The report on the transfer points out it “will require the applicant to meet the costs of maintaining the community garden.”

LASC took over the Link building after acquiring it from the Big Lottery following the dissolution of Loanhead Community Learning Association last year.

They said the Link will be home to their after school club and out of school childcare activities as well as being open to the public for a wide range of uses including a cafe, soft play rooms and clubs.

LASC said: “We seek to make The Link a vibrant, welcoming community hub for new and existing residents alike.”

Adding it would benefit the community by “creating a safe, welcoming and accessible outdoor garden and creative play area for children using our childcare services, including those with additional support needs, and other users of the Link including older people.”

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Noble on the podium in Japan

Midlothian View - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 17:20

Scottish racing driver and rising star, Colin Noble from Midlothian, scored his first podium finish in the Asian Le Mans Series alongside teammate and fellow 2018 UK LMP3 Champion Tony Wells at the Fuji Speedway in Japan on Sunday.

It would be a first start at the previous home of the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix since 1986 for Scottish motor racing team, Ecurie Ecosse, a race which earned the team a dramatic class win in the 1000km World Sports Car Championship Race.

The pair, sharing the #79 Ecurie Ecosse / Nielsen Racing Ligier JS P3 Nissan was in the mix all weekend but were forced to start from the back of the 20-car field after a technical problem in qualifying.

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On this occasion, a win would be out of reach, but the podium finish marked a big step forward in the international ambitions for the reborn team and their young Scottish star.

Despite every available weather forecast predicting a dry race, rain began to play a part almost from the start, throwing well-practised strategy out of the window in plummeting temperatures and with snow even threatening for a while in the shadow of Mount Fuji.

A strong start from Wells saw the scene set for a strong potential finish and with Noble taking over the wheel for the second half of the race it was a charge for points and a podium.

Assisted by a late-race safety car for another LMP3 rival losing a wheel and getting stranded on track, and a tactical pit stop, Noble gained a lap on the car he was battling for third, giving him a comfortable margin to work with in the final minutes.

He took that battle to the car ahead and brought the #79 car home third, after 133 laps of the 5.4 km circuit.

After cold weather races in Shanghai last month and at Fuji, the Asian Le Mans Series has warmer climates ahead with the next round at Buriram in Thailand on 12 January, with the series concluding the following month at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.

Colin Noble: ”Actually, I’m pretty pleased with that result. Coming into the race I thought we would not get to the podium starting from the back and with the conditions we found ourselves dealing with.

“Our pace though was there all day and when you look back there were a number of factors that actually held us back; Tony was hit by a Ferrari and that cost us time. I don’t think it would have made a difference to our ultimate result but we’re very encouraged with our overall performance. On pace we were amongst the very quickest out there, particularly as we race as a pair with a real Bronze that has to do plenty of heavy lifting, and Tony had to do that when the conditions were at their trickiest.

“We’re learning these tracks for the first time and when you throw a bit of weather into the equation that becomes tougher. All in all though the team will go away from here happy with that.”

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Newtongrange drugs discovery

Midlothian Advertiser - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 11:11
Police in Midlothian have recovered around £35,000 worth of Class B drugs following enforcement activity in Newtongrange.

New grants give our little ones the best start in life

Midlothian Advertiser - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 08:55
There’s more help available for low income families with applications now open for pregnancy and baby payments.

Dalkeith musician packs his bags for new song

Midlothian Advertiser - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 07:07
Dalkeith singer songwriter Mark Corbett has a new single and promo video out, all about the dilemma of trying to decide where to go on holiday.

Penicuik pupils cast a winning spell

Midlothian Advertiser - Mon, 10/12/2018 - 06:59
After a hard fought contest, Penicuik High School were the 2018 winners of the annual Midlothian Spell Masters Competition, held last month.

Scottish charity Africa on the Ball needs our readers’ support

Midlothian Advertiser - Fri, 07/12/2018 - 17:51
Creating the best community sports club in the world is the goal of Scottish charity Africa on the Ball.

Newtongrange power cut

Midlothian Advertiser - Fri, 07/12/2018 - 16:51
Scottish Power has apologised to customers in Newtongrange after a transformer fault left them without power for five hours yesterday evening.

Craig Finlay Memorial Competition - Remarkable Rosslyn Chapel reaches out to teenagers in community

Midlothian Advertiser - Fri, 07/12/2018 - 16:00
Rosslyn Chapel has been getting involved with local schools to raise awareness of this inspiring site.

Craig Finlay Memorial Competition - From One Island to Another

Midlothian Advertiser - Fri, 07/12/2018 - 16:00
Having different friendships and relationships is a key way of living a happy life.

Craig Finlay Memorial Competition - Social Media in Midlothian

Midlothian Advertiser - Fri, 07/12/2018 - 16:00
Social Media is becoming a concern in Midlothian with young children and older adults.

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