Colin Beattie Holds Midlothian North & Musselburgh Constituency

Colin Beattie of the SNP has retained the Midlothian North & Musselburgh Constituency with a +1.6 % increase in his share of the vote.

Mimicking the results from the rest of the country Labour suffered a decrease in their share of -8.6% with the majority of that swinging to the Scottish Conservatives who increase by +9.5%

Full Result

Colin Beattie Scottish National Party: 16,948

Bernard Harkins Scottish Labour Party: 9,913

Jeremy Balfour Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 6,267

Jacquie Bell Scottish Liberal Democrats: 1,557


The total number of ballot papers rejected were: 140

Of the Ballot Papers rejected:

(1) Want of Official Mark: 2

(2) Voting for more than one candidate: 12

(3) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 0

(4) Unmarked or void for uncertainty: 126

Total votes: 34,825