Bruno J

Bruno J is a newcomer to Black Diamond FM and, somewhat, to Scotland.

He originally hails from Wisconsin in the USA, but has lived multiple places around the world, including England for a while. He made Scotland his permanent home four years ago and is loving it.

Bruno J has been involved with the technical side of different types of radio systems throughout his life, but never broadcast radio before. However, music has always been a part of his life. He grew up on a steady diet of rock music, but has varied tastes that touch into folk, ska, jazz, soul, reggae, and even some country.

When not sitting behind the microphone at Black Diamond FM, Bruno J can be seen hiking the woods and hills, embarrassing himself at the gym, or enjoying music at local folk venues. If you feel like having your ears tortured, he may even sing a song for you. But you have been forewarned.

You can hear Bruno J every Tuesday afternoon between 1pm and 4pm, as well as on the occasional Friday Rock Show 8pm to 11pm