Louise Sullivan

Graduating from our training programme in 2016 Louise presents the 'Saturday Night In' from 6-8pm every Saturday featuring 80s and 90s music as well as 1 hour focus on Scottish Artists such as Texas, Deacon Blue, TTF and much more. Louise can also be heard co hosting on various other shows.

Her love of music from an early age attending live concerts and gigs inspired her to become a presenter.

She is also a keen film buff and was in acting school from the age of 16 till 18 at School of Drama in Edinburgh's Pleasance and was a film extra in 'Woman Talking Dirty' directed by Hans Canosa which involved having to walk past Helena Bonham Carter 20 times, since being the same size as the actress had to get cut out.

Louise is hoping to further her career as a presenter and hoping to have the experience of being a film extra again.

Listen to Louise's Saturday Night In programme every Saturday from 18:00pm