Goodbear: Dougal, Review


Pleasance, Dome | 21:40 | £9.50/8.50 |

When I heard GoodBear were coming back to the Fringe I was excited, but also worried they wouldn’t be as good as I remembered. Luckily I was able to diguard any worries at the door. 

‘Dugal’ is not as dark as some of their previous shows but is still as smart, witty and well thought through. Those previously initiated into the GoodBear fan club will be on board from the beginning, those not will follow quickly behind as they capture any doubters in the audience rapidly.

The duo show of their acting chops playing a variety of characters even managing to fit in a surprise song and dance number. A sketch involving a wounded soldier trying to pass on a message to his family is a particular highlight. 

I know it’s not something people look for often in a Fringe show but ‘Dugal’ is one of the best sketch shows technically I’ve seen this year, making full use of the space, lighting and sound available in The Pleasance Queen Dome. This paired with the performances of Joe and Henry make it a show not to miss.