Nathan Caton - Teenage Mutant Nathan Caton, Review

Nathan Caton

Rating: ★★★★
5-10th & 12-24th August @ The Pleasance Dome at 20:00pm |

Nathan Caton takes over the Pleasance Dome to put on his terrific bad-boy performance.

The talented stand up comedian from London succeeds at putting on a sharp, up to date and bloody genius show, leaving you cheering for more.

He knows best at how to keep the audience roaring with laughter, from his opening joke – an observation about Scottish independence which was pretty spot on. He touches on the commonwealth games, growing up as a child and shocking but extremely funny your mum jokes.

What makes him stand out is the audience widely respect the charming guy as he discusses family situations to childish ‘lad’ friends, all of which we can relate to. Caton can easily get away with talking about real life issues and twisting them into a different perspective, with some racial humour mixed in.

Laughs continue to get bigger throughout his satisfyingly fun hour-long show, which is undoubtedly not enough time for this young talented comedian.