Running Into Me, Review

This piece of theatre is dramatic, thought-provoking, gritty but entertaining.

This play is called Running into Me and is a one person performance by a wonderful actress by the name of Vickie Tanner.

This is basically Vickie's life story from growing up in Compton in the U.S.A and goes through growing up, school, college, family, drugs and a lot more besides, this is one story that gives an insight into Vickie's life so far.

The show begins and ends with a phone call and at times had me leaning forward in my seat a few times to listen to the end of some of the tales being told such was the intensity of the storytelling.

A wonderful production and yes there is some swearing but all in context all in all a great piece of theatre.
Also I have to say as an aside there was a mention of one of my favourite movies The Warriors which pleased me no end.

I met Vickie outside the room after the performance as she was thanking people individually for going to the show which I personally feel is a great thing to do, I found Vickie to be lovely and in chatting about the show she seems to be very proud of it and so she should be.

Running Into Me is on every day until 24th August at 1.20pm at Underbelly in the Cowgate ticket prices from £9.00