Alan Stuart

Alan, from Portobello is a lover of music from all genres. He’s often known as the ‘Entertainer’ or ‘The Joker in the pack’ to close friends and family. Alan see’s the funny side of life particularly when he’s in front of a microphone on the radio.

In the 70’s and 80’s he did what everyone else did and made music tapes mixed by himself for his pals. He finds music allows him to escape from the norm, so when a chance to get involved with a community radio station arose, he got involved and hasn’t looked back since!

Alan is a familiar voice on Black Diamond FM, best known for presenting the former 'Solid Gold Sunday' show and moving on to ‘The Saturday Matinee’ co-hosting with Addie Thompson.

Listen in to Alan and Addie on ‘The Saturday Matinee’ every Saturday between 1pm-3pm.