Matthew Ronaldson

Matthew has lived in midlothian all his life, Growing up in Penicuik before moving to Roslin where his own family started, now living in Dalkeith.

Matthew remembers setting up a record player (7inch and 12 inch single and Lp) and a toy microphone as a kid.

After fifteen years sanding floors including a time of selfemployment he had an accident loseing the use of his right arm. durring his recovery he tryed to keep himself buisy with community education courses, and a stint at playing Santa in a major department store in Princess street Edinburgh, his grotto was soon voted best in Edinburgh.

After completing several community learning courses he got handed a flyer advertising a Black Diamond FM training course.

When not on Black Diamond FM he is spending time researching his family history and spending time with his five lovely children

You can listen to Matthew on The Afternoon Show weekdays from 1pm.