About Us

About Us: Black Diamond FM

Since MCMA being granted our Community Radio licence by Ofcom in 2007 Black Diamond FM has served the local area of Midlothian 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have a range of programmes from our regular community focused daytime output to some of the best specialist music programmes (in our opinion) you will find on Scottish radio. Our music ranges from rap to reggae, classical to country while supporting some of the freshest talented local singers, songwriters and bands.

The entire station is managed and staffed entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers, who go out of their way to create programmes and content for Midlothian.

About Us: Midlothian Community Media Association

Midlothian Community Media Association is the not for profit charity (SC036762) that operates Black Diamond FM.

Founded in 2006 by a small steering group made up of enthusiastic members of the local community it aims to advance education, promote social inclusion, and work with the community and voluntary sectors.

MCMA Mission Statement

To advance the education of the public and in particular in the skills required for radio broadcasting and media communication. In pursuance of those aims (but not otherwise) the company shall have the following powers:

(a) To establish and operate socially inclusive educational and training facilities and services centred on community media, which may include encouraging the participation of socially excluded groups such as young people and. those who are unemployed, in common with others from the community, in community media skills to deliver public benefit.

(b) To promote social inclusion by gathering and disseminating information of an educational nature of value to the diverse sections of the Midlothian community.

(c) To establish and operate an accredited training centre which will provide wide ranging socially inclusive course and workplace opportunities that will encourage personal development and the acquisition of life skills.

(d) To work with the community and voluntary sectors to promote and communicate their activities within the wider community including peer education projects.

(e) To advise in relation to, prepare, organise, support (whether financially or otherwise) and/or conduct, conferences, workshops, information/awareness raising sessions, and educational and training events/courses and to commission and/or conduct research, and to publish and promote the results of such research.

(f) To provide information, advisory, support and/or consultancy services which further the charitable aims of the company by putting back any surpluse generated into achieving said aims.

(g) To liaise with local authorities, Scottish, UK and European authorities and agencies, local enterprise companies, educational establishments, charitable or community-benefit bodies and others, all with a view to furthering the socially inclusive aims of the company.