Keith and Graeme from Woosh visit What's New

On the What's New In Music show Monday 20th May the Black Diamond studio was visited by Keith and Graeme Easton from Woosh Entertainments they popped in for a chat about the new music artists they manage and promote and some of the artists were played on the show.

We chatted about the artists they manage, the rehearsal studio and the other work that they do including Graeme's wonderful stint as M.C at the Beach Volleyball during London 2012, and the work they will be doing at this years Scottish Cup Final and the Champions of Tennis Tour which reaches Edinburgh later this year.

You can listen back to the show here:

What's New Show 20th May 2013 by Basher1969 on Mixcloud

You can find out much more about Woosh Entertainments, The Wel Rehearsal and the artists that are there on: